We are a company that emerged in the city of Monterrey, Mexico in 2001, with a business philosophy of innovation oriented to social development in all markets.
The diversification of our businesses allows us to generate value to all customers that we serve with our different brands of products and services.
We develop technological systems in different areas for our clients and our Group companies.
Through our Digital Factory area, we drive the growth of companies in the digital era with IT services that allow the transformation of the business.

We Created Franimex Tuein

A company that owns a portfolio of brands and products such as Tacos Cascabel, Bolta, Ligo, Iguana Park and Eco Epic Rides, as well as points of sale for them. Our mobility alternatives fall under the umbrella of Tuein.

We Founded Investment CP

A financial company, Investment Capital Partners offers solutions in the financial sector focusing on products and services of Pure Leasing, Investments, Credits, Factoring, Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring and Consultancy in expansion plans.


TV RUTA, a transformative alternative in means of communication present in urban transport. A communication solution that gives the advertiser a real return on their investment and an independent space where their message is amplified.

Social Commitement

EIIMT's primary responsibility is to provide added value through innovation and ethical business practices.
Being a socially responsible company, we know that we have a direct and indirect impact on the societies in which we participate.
In addition to contributing our experience and values through various branches and markets, EIIMT supports and encourages social Organizations, as well as sports at different levels on a permanent basis.

Our Values

Our values are the foundations and convictions that form the frame of reference on how to face multiple situations, which guide us in the development of our path to achieve our objectives and goals, both personal and organizational. The shared values in our Organization provide a sense of identity, of belonging, make a character of the people working inside the Organization.
A valuable person is someone who lives in accordance with the values in which he believes, the worth of said values, and the way he lives them. These values, insofar as they become recurrent practices, are established in behavioral patterns, giving coherence to the decisions that are made within the Organization.
For EIIMT it is imperative that these values are realized with passion, with joy and with humanity, that is to say, feeling the company as its own, wanting it and being willing to make the necessary efforts to achieve success.


It is the value that gives us coherence, truthfulness, where frankness is valued and is a reflection of the constant search for truth and loyalty.


The continuous progress, the effort and the contribution of all our collaborators towards the achievement of the results. It is to work daily putting that extra to make of our Organization a space of healthy coexistence.


Always thinking about the customer, it is a value that gives us a sustainable competitive advantage, giving a quality benefit through an insurmountable attention.


Fellowship is achieved when there is work and friendship. It will bring us more satisfaction and will teach us to respect the ideas of others, as well as to help peers if they need our support.