Our Solutions

We develop technological systems in different areas for our clients and our Group companies.


With our automation we simplify the management of the technology, developing interfaces and models according to the needs of each of our customers

Unified communication

Our team provides the day-to-day interaction mechanisms through unified communication solutions in companies.

IT Securities

As pioneers in the IT Securities industry, we designed the iTrack solution for monitoring and tracking assets, as well as tracing people around the world.


EIIMT provides Integral support for our technology platforms.

Internet of Things

We offer value solutions with IoT (Internet of Things) that simplify operations inside and outside companies.

Open Source Technologies

EIIMT designs and develops applications (ERP, CRM) and APPS software for the administration and operation of our companies and customers using Open Source (LAMP, Mono, MySql, etc.) and Private (.NET, SQL, Java, etc.) technologies