We support public and private social organizations permanently.

Our actions have a direct and indirect impact on the segments where we participate, therefore, our main responsibility is to provide added value through innovation and ethical business practices.

In addition to sharing our experience and values across various branches and markets, at EIIMT we support public and private social organizations on a permanent basis. Get to know our civil associations:


Seeking to contribute to the well-being and health of Mexico regardless of the economic condition of the people, at Vivo Mi Salud we have programs to provide solutions in mental and visual health. Mental health disorders increase the risk of other diseases and contribute to unintentional and intentional injuries. Cataracts are the leading cause of reversible blindness in the country; therefore, we provide care to the most vulnerable sectors of the population with these conditions.


At Vivo mi Planeta we have the mission of preserving the environment, proposing improvements to public policies, promoting education on the use and management of natural resources, as well as promoting the sustainable development of communities. Focusing on increasing afforestation and conserving priority areas for biodiversity, we lead projects to increase recycling and planting of green areas, complying with global commitments to face climate change.