We are a technology-oriented Corporation made up of 8 divisions, which we lead with innovative proposals.

Digitech Division

Technology development with IoT and artificial intelligence, interconnecting our platforms and systems.

Biotech Division

Manufacturing with international quality standards and certified processes, creating value-added products.

Enertech Division

Generation of renewable energy with biogas, produced by the anaerobic decomposition of waste.

Packtech Division

Manufacture of labels, plastics and ecological alternative products based on organic and inorganic products.

Agtech Division

Development of products for prevention, health and wellness, innovating with GMO-free products, protecting your health.

Machinetech Division

Creation, industrial design and manufacture of machinery for automation of industrial and consumer processes.

Infratech Division

High-tech infrastructure development, using efficient construction materials.

Aerospacetech Division

Innovation and development of aerospace solutions focused on different industries and mobility.